Luxury of today is not about flash, flaunting or excess in any traditional sense. Contemporary luxury is a more subtle and complex quality: the privilege of enjoying our time in maximum comfort, ease, grace and efficiency, with a minimum of nuisance, regardless of our personal tastes and professional requirements.

 Located in two historic late 19th-century buildings on Norrmalmstorg square in the heart of downtown Stockholm, Nobis Hotel is an independent 201-room hotel offering every convenience and service any business and/or pleasure traveler could ever call for, in an environment of casual elegance. Our mission is to provide our guests with nothing but superior quality in every detail - plus something more in addition to that. We like to think that nothing in our hotel is standard or routine, but always with something extra to add quality to our guests' experiences. Nobis Hotel has been designed for optimal function, beauty, comfort and atmosphere by world renowned Swedish star architect studio Claesson Koivisto Rune, in a style of contemporary yet timeless and classic, durable elegance, mainly in natural materials of superior quality, subtly influenc       

Business Facilities

Nobis Private Rooms is an elegant suite of luxury Stockholm meeting rooms sublimely paneled in superior oak, with spectacular ceiling stucco and many other magnificent interior details, all protected by law for their historic, cultural and esthetic values- an unique environment that used to be the executive suite of the bank that once occupied this our southern hotel structure.

There are a total number of five rooms of varying sizes, ideal for Stockholm meetings and events. The largest of these, the beautiful former boardroom of the bank, comfortably seats 28 people, with a very nice view through French windows over Norrmalmstorg square. The smallest of the rooms seats 3-4 people, perfect for an intimate business or pleasure lunch or dinner.

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